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The Finest Belgian Chocolate

Chocolates Handcrafted by Chef Sharon, Chocolatier, for your delight, to surprise you and delight your taste buds.

Chef Sharon, Chocolatier

Our Chocolate is crafted from the Finest Quality Cacao Beans from around the Globe at one of Belgium’s oldest Cocoa Roasteries.

A Brief History

Northern Chocolate Company have been producing beautifully handcrafted chocolates since 2014. They began in a humble dwelling in Chorley, Lancashire. They have now progressed to a homely Chocolate Boutique Style Shop in Morecambe, Lancashire.

With an emphasis on Artistry, Premium Ingredients and Unique Flavour Profiles, the much loved Chocolatier, Chef Sharon, has created some of the most Decadent Chocolates for you to enjoy.

The Cocoa Bean

Cocoa beans are cultivated worldwide in the tropical rainforests of Africa, Asia and Latin America, mostly in the tropical belt between 10 degrees north and 10 degrees south of the equator. There are hundreds of cross-breeds that exist today, but these all derive from three primary cocoa species:

Criollo yields extremely rare cacao with an exceptional flavour. It represents less than 2% of the worlds production. It is found in the Caribbean and in Latin America, in particular Ecuador.

Forastero is a very robust cacao tree. Easier to cultivate, it yields “bulk cacao” that gives chocolate its familiar basic taste. Almost all African plantations consist of these varieties.

Trinitario combines the best of Criollo and Forastero. This cross has fairly good resistance to plant diseases and strong winds.

Recently moved here and discovered Northern Chocolate Co. I have loved everything we have tried from here. 

Mentioned coffee creams the other day. Called in a couple of days later and there they were. 

I have never tasted anything like these. Absolutely incredible. Can never eat coffee creams from anywhere else again. 

Also got a couple of violet creams. Same. Absolutely off the scale. 

We also love their slab chocolate. Particularly the chilli & lime and the cherry & ginger. Actually it’s all incredible. What a find!

Julie, Morecambe

Fabulous chocolate. I absolutely love the dark chocolate ginger bark, the dark chilli bark and the dark chocolate covered cinder toffee. Then of course there’s the.....oh and the....too many to mention! Once tasted, you’ll be back for more over and over again!

Ruth, Morecambe

Popped in during the Morecambe's vintage weekend, i spent a few minutes focused on the freshly made chocolates, unable to choose what to try first. The shop looked fantastic, the counter full of different chocolate and fresh chocolate being made directly Infront of me. I wanted to buy everything, I was given a free sample of white chocolate and had never tasted and think like it, it was super rich, full of flavour. I selected a white chocolate drizzled lolly and a VW beetle style container with rose coloured buttons, which were strawberry flavoured. 

The rose looking strawberry flavoured chocolate buttons were full of flavour, it felt like a party in my mouth, I've never tasted anything like it before.

Northern Chocolate Co puts Cadburys to shame, I plan to buy all my chocolate from them from now on

Kieran, Morecambe


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